Tired of having to go through the tedious task of first searching Google, then Yahoo (or other major search engines) and switching between web browser windows (back and forth)? Use this web based search tool (Yahoogle search box below this paragraph) to compare searches over the top major search engines. We call this power search tool "Yahoogle" because our unique tool starts off comparing search results between Yahoo and Google search engines (hence, Yahoogle). We (SirSeek.com) are not responsible for the content provided by these alternate search engines as we do not control the data (we do not own Google, Yahoo, MSN, AOL, etc).

Yahoogle Search Engine Combine!


Just type in a search to the right and hit search button
to search google and yahoo in opposing frames!

Here is a preview mini screenshot of our 'YahOOgle'.

Yahoo results are on the left side.

Google results are on the right side.

Along the top you may select other top major search engines (Accoona, MSN, Excite, AskJeeves, etc) to show in below side frames.

Great tool for comparing search results, also a great way to flip around the major search engines with ease...

        YAHOO! ONLY Yahoogle GOOGLE ONLY